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Family Counseling

Family and Relationship Counseling

We have designed simple & practial programs on pre marriage counselling, marital counselling, relationship counselling and marriage guidance that helps couples to work on the causes and solutions for unhappy marriage. Marriage counseling provides a better understanding to the couples.

We conduct marriage workshops & counseling . We are been working with men and women to develop satisfaction in relationships for a few years now.

We work on pre-marriage counseling, post-marriage, relationship counseling and seminars on marriage and relationship improvement.

The following points may be kept in mind when you come for a family counseling --

  1. Admitting to the facts and acknowledging the issues-- Many people tend to close their eyes against realities. The first step for overcoming a problem is to recognize it.
  2. Open to change-- We are not living in a perfect world. Let us not expect everyone else to be perfect. Dont expect to live in an ideal situation but it is better to accept the present situation as it is and adjust oneself according the the available situation. After all, One of life’s hardest lessons to learn is that you can only change yourself.
  3. Set realistic Expectations and be patient - Give time a chance. It may take longer period to heal the past wounds, and to construct a new relationship. That is definitely possible, but can not happen over-night.
Family Counseling

One of the important factors which ensures harmonious and healthy relationship between family members is positive communication. In today's world, members of a family often forget to communicate each other, but just lead a mechanical life within the four walls of a house. People who work in shifts, students who stay away for academic studies etc slowly withdraw to their own private world and some times lose the sense of togetherness. In Cities like Bangalore, most people spend long hours at work place and even when they are at home, they spend more time watching TV, than talking to one another. They fail to understand the importance of positive communication between family members. Some well-to-do people build palatial bungalows, the architecture of such big houses, some times help in separating individual members to their own world, and such big modern houses some times do not facilitate members of same family meeting and talking each other in daily life. People who live in such environment slowly forgets the art of communication. A good Family Counselor can help family members to communicate each other and often helps the family reflect on better ways of communicating with each other.

When do you need Family Counseling?

Most people dont even think of approaching a Family counselor when they lead a happy and normal life. And all of a sudden they think of approaching a professional counselor when faced with a traumatic situation. As marriage discords and divorces are becoming more common, people consult Marriage Counselors. Some times, when family memeber(s) is affected with depression or similar psychological problems, or when they are faced with serious illness or some tragedies, people approach Family Counselling Centers. Alcoholism of one of more members is another reason why more and more people take the service of Family Counselors.

It is common that a particular member who actually require counselling may not be willing to approach a family counselling experts. But rest of the family members may also affected by the irrational behaviour of one member and to get guidance they approach family counseling center.

In some cases, a psychiatrist, who treats a particular member of a family for psychiatrist disorders may advice the family members to get guidence and advice from a family counselor.

Family counseling often occurs with all members of the family unit present. This may not always be the case.

What our Bangalore Family Counseling Center Offers you?

Facility for one-to-one Personal Counseling, Relationship Counseling
Pre-Marriage Counseling & guidance.
Career Counseling & Vocational Guidance.
Teenage Guidance, BUILD THE GAP IN teenagers and parents.
Corporate Training Programs and Workshops on Family Relationship, Parenting, Career Opportunities & Stress Management at Workplace
Seminars and Workshops for schools & colleges.