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(Emotional Intelligence Coach)

Sneha Fernandes, is an Emotional Intelligence Coach, workshop facilitator, public speaker, and a social worker. She provides counselling, workshops and lectures that focus on Self-awareness, Inner Healing, Life Balance and Emotional Intelligence for over the last 15 years.

In Sneha’s words, “When Client’s approach us to help them in their current life situations; our approach to understand their issues is psychoanalytical. I belong to a new school of relational and interpersonal psychoanalysis that has blossomed over the past several years. Rather than focusing on past events, I help my clients understand their present, often in the context of their past. Understanding the genetic (DNA) and environmental forces that shaped their thought processes, perceptions and emotions helps provide valuable insight and perspective on their current situation. Thus, it is a Life-Centred Therapy”.

We lead them to relieve their pain and past traumas and resolve their current life’s problematic situations by educating our clients about human nature and how perceptions and perspectives of their environment (i.e. people and situations) are created within them cause a disruption within themselves. We provide counselling and coaching to manage themselves (emotions, thoughts, perceptions, behaviours), so that the disruptive and threatening aspects of their environment can be rooted out of their personalities. Our approach blends greater self-awareness with knowledge of how the mind  body work. Sneha is also involved in helping prison inmates. She sets apart time every month to visit prisons and provide Mental Health counselling and also teach meditation to the prison inmates in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nādu for the last 10 years.

Sneha’s private practice is currently based in the City of Bangalore. Clients normally visit the clinic at Bangalore. However, online sessions are also held for clients from around the globe.

Sunil Fernandes

(Marriage Mentor & Mental Health Coach)


Sunil Fernandes is a Chartered Accountant in practise with over 25 years of  experience. He heads a team of committed professionals with specialized skills to service a range of business needs, in creating and adding value to clients’ businesses in India and abroad.

Sunil Fernandes has several years of experience in moulding the personality and careers of many young professionals and other individuals. He has a passion to bring about a transformation in the lives of individuals through healing therapy, rewiring of the brain, training on how the mind  body functions, leading to practical implementation and activation to experience freedom from within, and enjoy the wonderful life which we have been gifted with.